Favorite Reads

Blogs I follow:

All Groan Up– Advice for millennials and a guide to “What now?”

Marc & Angel Hack Life– Practical tips for Productive Living

Wander with Greta

So Many Places– A writer in the world

Gen Y Girl– millennial Career and Lifestyle blog. I wrote my first guest blog post on this blog… check it out here

Live your Legend– Change the world by doing work you love

Nicole Antoniette– writer of personal essays and host of the Real Talk Radio podcast.



Recommended Books:


For Runners:

Marathon Women: By Kathrine Switzer. Kathrine was the 1st women to legally finish the Boston Marathon. She faced many challenges as women fought to be recognized in the running world. She revolutionized the sport and is an inspiration. Having met her in July 2013 I can also attest that she is very humble and supportive to women runners of all ages!

Good “Beach Books”:

The Longest Ride: By Nicholas Sparks. The newest book by Sparks, and although I have mixed thoughts about his books as half of them seem the same or unrealistic, this one is one of my favorites. PLUS the movie will be coming out in April!

For Millenials:

101 Secrets to your Twenties By Paul Angone. For any twenty something who has felt lost with where their life is, have felt like you went through a quarter life crisis, this is the perfect easy read for you.

 Check out my book reviews

There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.

–Josh Jameson


<Updated Oct 8, 2015>


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