My Road Races

Remember that you almost always feel better after a run than before it.

2016 Races

2 regular races that I have run every year since I started running in 2011.

First up..the Binghamton Bridge Run on Sunday May 1st. The event offers both a half marathon and a 5K and holds special meaning to me because not only was this the event that I ran my first 5K, but also all of my half marathons. Each year, I have alternated what race I do. This year will be the half marathon, my 3rd (2016 Race Recap)Here is the recap of how I did in the 2015 5K

As much I enjoy the sentiment of the Bridge Run, I always count down the days until the Utica Boilermaker on Sunday July 10th. In 2011 I ran the 5K, and when I finished I knew I wanted to try the 15K.  Since 2012 I have ran the 15K every year (2015 Recap). The atmosphere for this race is incredible, the crowds line the ENTIRE 9.3 mile course, and the free Saranac beer at the Post-Race party doesn’t hurt either!

I will run my 1st Marathon (!) on September 18th. I am excited, but nervous, about pursuing this goal. I know it will require a lot of dedication, but I also know this will be something I would regret not doing if I don’t try. I consider myself an endurance athlete, so I want to be able to say I completed at least 1 marathon in my lifetime, and who knows, if all goes well maybe I will try a few more!

I also run the 5 mile (or 10 Mile) course of the Returning Warriors Race the weekend of (or before) Veteran’s Day. I have participated in this race every year since it started in 2013, since I have a younger brother in the Army I enjoy supporting this race.   It is also my last race of the year before winter weather begins, read the recap here.


Over the last few years I have also participated in:

Rochester Relay Marathon– 4 friends, 6-7.5 miles each, 1 marathon finish… I recommend for anyone, its a lot of fun.

Multiple Color Runs… Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton

Wineglass 5K held in Corning, NY the last weekend in September/the first weekend in October.

and various other 5Ks and I finished my first 10K in Oct 2014.


I hope to add a few more half marathons to my racing record and a sprint triathlon.

My 18 Favorite Running Quotes

Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there’s no reason to fear starting line… or other new beginnings- Amby Burfoot


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