About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah, so nice to meet you!

letchworth 1

I am a late 20-something living in Central New York (USA), just an average girl trying to find my way in life! I thought about starting a blog for several years before finally  taking the leap and starting in February 2015. 

I enjoy working out and have considered myself a runner since the Spring of 2011 (Read about it here). I recently completed my 3rd half marathon (May 2016), have run more than a handful of 5Ks, 5 15Ks, and have a goal of running my first marathon in Fall 2017. So fair warning: the majority of this blog is dedicated to this topic and my training. 🙂

I love to  travel , and explore new places. I have a ‘life goal’ of going to one new place a year, which I done pretty well at since I finished college.

Oahu, Hawaii

I enjoy reading… anything and just about everything; from spoilers of the current Bachelor season, to popular book series, articles on health and fitness, current events and various blogs about running, travel, life tips and making it through my 20’s.

I LOVE quotes, so you will find a lot of these throughout my posts, including this list of some of my favorite running quotes. I hope you will find as much connection in them as I do, as I have felt they often describe a situation better than I ever could.

I hope that sharing my experiences on running and fitness will connect with anyone seeking some inspiration, motivation or just wants to support me. I even sprinkle in some life stories about family, coaching on a club swim team and my job here and there.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi….I love the name of your blog. I’m a newbie but I continually try to be inspired to run more. I look forward to following your running adventures and your travels……All the best, Sandy

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  2. I love your blog! I think we blog about similar things. I want to start running again and I am getting back into reading. Check me out at rookienotes.com. Let’s connect!!! I hope you subscribe there ❤


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