Goal of Life

*The goal of life is not to have our lives mean something to ourselves. The goal of life is to have our lives mean something to others*

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to make a difference to people.

I once considered being a teacher, but decided against that because I didn’t want to talk in front of a class all day (I used to be terrible at public speaking!)

In high school I was a swim instructor and lifeguard at a YMCA

Then I was a tutor and RA in college

My first job out of college I worked in financial aid helping student find a way to afford a higher education.

After some time feeling unfulfilled in government work,

I became a swim coach for a local club team

I found my way back into Higher Ed

Then added online health and fitness coach to my resume.

It is all these pieces together that remind me my joy comes from helping others.

I recently return to coaching swimming after a 5 month break to get my puppy adjusted, train for a marathon and address fatigue I was feeling. Working with kids again that I’ve seen grow up over the last 5 years brings fulfillment. Knowing that my one piece of instruction one day could finally make things click for them.

That’s my goal with online coaching too. It really fills my heart when my customers say “thank you for bringing this into me life”. Seeing progress both mentally and physically is what keeps me going and I know that is what gives my life meaning.

On a totally different note, it’s been a long while since I’ve shared anything here- long story short in the last year or so I bought my first house (that needed a lot of TLC), adopted a dog, changed jobs, trained for a marathon, I have been working on finding my voice again that I feel I lost trying to be someone I’m not and a previous job took a huge mental toll on me. I hope this post will be the beginning to sharing more here again.

I have so many ideas in my head, or in my notes app but always say, “I’ll share that later” and that only makes me feel

More overwhelmed!

I started this blog because I’d hoped it would help and inspire people, and make a difference. So this is me working to get back to that.

Thanks for reading. ❤️


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