A journey of Perseverance 

Over the weekend I was sharing with a new friend about my goals for my business, how fitness has changed my life and how the reason I became a coach is because I want to share that with others. 
My journey hasn’t been perfect, some days I feel like a fraud because I make a big declaration only to not completely commit myself to follow through. Take for example this last 21 day program, I shared my Facebook page that my goal was to wake up and get my workout done first thing… that lasted about 10 days until my mind and body were telling me I needed a mental break. Then I started having knee issues and now it’s Day 22 and I still have 5 days left of the program, (which I am stil Planning on doing because then I get a sweet tshirt) but have accepted it didn’t work out how I had thought. 

Other times I have a great moment with working out and running that I am so thrilled to share. I achieve running goals I never thought I could do. Complete more consecutive push-ups or just make it through a workout easier than the time before. 

But it’s all a journey, a journey of perseverance. 

Perseverance isn’t something you demonstrate when things are easy. Perseverance is doing the things that matter when it’s the most difficult. It’s what drives you when you’ve got uncertainty and fear. Perseverance is seeing people around you complain (even if it’s your own inner voice – which isn’t you. It’s echoes of the people around you have said cruel or unnecessary opinions that had nothing to do with your potential.) Perseverance means still believing that the opportunity is huge, knowing the struggle is temporary, and remembering the imperative of our work is real. 

Perseverance. It’s what matters when your reflex is to quit. Perseverance is the only thing that separates the long-term success from the short term quick hit.

I haven’t given up on my fitness or my business because in my heart I am encouraged to keep going and see what I am really capable of when I fully commit- because I can’t honestly say I have every day. I’m going to keep persevering and discover what I can really achieve. 

“Perseverance supersedes talent, genetics and luck. There is no true success without it.”


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