Fitness Update: Nov 20th-Nov 27th, 2016

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

This past week was a good week for me. I am starting to see improvement in the Core De Force (an MMA Inspired/Kickboxing) home DVD program I am doing, and was able to get a 2 short runs in.

So I will start with last Sunday 11/20: This was my last Cross Country race in the series I have been participating in since the beginning of October and it was quite a way to end the series! Living in Central NY it finally decided to snow a couple of inches. So in a matter of 24 hours it went from mid 60’s to low 30’s with 4+ inches of snow overnight.

So the race was at a local obstacle course, so I was anticipating the worst. I could have easily bailed due to the weather, like my other teammates did, but I figured I would go, have fun and not worry about my pace. So I bundled up and joined about 30 other people to run “the wimpiest obstacle course” or “the hardest cross-country course”, there were roots, lots of turns, hills, snow and mud! It was quite a way to end the cross-country series and I was glad the wind held off so I didn’t freeze along the way!

Monday 11/21- Due to the Lake Effect snow storm going through, I had to leave for work (a 40 mile drive) earlier than usual so I bumped my workout from the morning until after work. As good as it feels to get workouts out-of-the-way, it actually gave me something to look forward to all day. The really great thing about the workout today was after an active recovery on Saturday, and a run yesterday, I was well rested for this workout. I was FINALLY able to complete a “Ground to Fighter Stance”. I was cursing it a few days beforehand, and it’s right up there with a burpee! But today I felt strong, more agile and it was great to feel the improvement.

Here’s a video:

Tuesday 11/22- Was similar to Monday with the snow, so I split my 45 minute in two in order to get to work on time. I did 6/12 rounds + a 5 minute core challenge before work, and the remaining 6 rounds after work.

Wednesday 11/23- I mixed things up a little and swapped out my 45 minute workout, for a 27 minute one called MMA Mashup, it was 6 rounds instead of 9 and was 2 rounds of some of the other workouts (MMA Shred, Dynamic Strength & Power Sculpt). Plus I did 15 minutes of Core Kinetics, one of the hardest core workouts I have ever done.

Thursday 11/24- Happy Thanksgiving!! I am grateful for my health to be able to complete two workouts today because I really wanted to “Earn the Feast”. So I started my day with an unofficial Turkey Trot (because almost every other runner was doing one!) with 3 miles around my neighborhood. 

Then I did Power Sculpt, which had lots of plyo moves so I was hurting doing it right after my run!

But I wanted to be able to enjoy some pie without feeling guilty- I love apple and am a new fan of pumpkin pie!

Friday 11/25- On a non related fitness note, I was awake at 6am without an alarm to watch Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life. This is my favorite tv show, I wanted the series from when it was first airing in WB network when I was in high school, watched the DVD box sets several times throughout college, and had been looking forward to this day for over a year since it was first announced the revival would happen. What can I say, I am a loyal fan!

After my binge-watching (it was 4 90 minute episodes), I did MMA Plyo. This was the first time I did this workout and I was expecting it to be REALLY hard with lots of plyo moves. But it wasn’t, there are other workouts that were more cardio/plyo based than this one. It was still fun though, and really tested my coordination with many combo moves.

I also received my FREE tshirt just for completing PIyo. This tshirt can’t be bought only EARNED!

Saturday 11/26- Was kind of an off day, I ran different errands, went bowling with my nephew, and tried to be productive in catching up with some projects I have gotten behind on. I told myself I would do my workout in a little while, or after dinner, etc. Before I knew it, it was 10:15pm and I still hadn’t worked out. So instead of just taking a total rest day, I did a 20 minute Active Recovery routine to get my blood flowing a bit and get some quality stretching in- especially since I was feeling my double workout from Thursday some. The stretching felt great and I reminded myself that a 20 minute workout is better than a 0 minute workout.

Sunday 11/27- Was Dynamic Strength day again (see Tuesday). The 12 rounds seemed to go faster today, probably because I have done this routine at least 6 times now, so I am more familiar with the moves, but I just take it 1 round at a time. I am seeing my strength improve though, as I was able to complete 2 rounds of triple wide pushups (tricep pushup out to regular pushup then out to wide pushup, then repeat back in & out for 50 seconds) without going to my knees. So the improvement is small, but getting there.

That’s all for now… until next week!

How do you keep yourself motivated when the weather changes? Do you have any improvements to share?

Quote of the week:

If we reach the big victory our joy will not be diminished by having celebrated steps taken in the right direction along the way. And if we don’t reach the goal, we may be disappointed, but we will have fully embraced the journey—and perhaps that is the real prize all along.”-Kristin Armstrong



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